Set-up StreamPro on Open Broadcaster Software (OBS)

There are two options to set-up StreamPro overlays using OBS.

  • Using CLR browser source (Use this method)
  • Using regular browser source

Using the CLR browser source captures the important parts of the StreamPro overlay in high quality. Using the regular browser source requires removal of background color using ChromaKey, reducing quality.

CLR Browser Source

  1. Once you have installed OBS (Twitch guide to OBS), you will need to add the CLR plugin and follow instructions for installation here – CLR Browser Source Plugin
  2. Next you add a CLR Browser source
    CLR Source
  3. Copy the StreamPro Overlay URL provided
    StreamPro Overlay URL
  4. Right Click the CLR Scene you just created and select properties. Past the StreamPro Overlay URL in the link area and set your dimensions.
    CLR Source Settings Finish by testing that everything works

ProTip: You can refresh CLR by clicking on a different scene or clicking properties on the CLR source.

Regular Browser Source (Not recommended)

  1. Install OBS (Twitch guide to OBS) and start the program
  2. Add Window Capture Source and select your browser window with your StreamPro overlay launched
  3. Right click on the source -> select properties -> click “Select Region” and you can modify the window to only capture the interior/green-screen portion of the selected browser
  4. Select color key and match the color to the background of your browser window. Note: You may lose quality of the Alert text from this method

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