How to Stream Console Games: Xbox, PS4, and others

If you want to set-up online streaming via Twitch from your Xbox or Playstation, you have two options after you create a Twitch Account:

  1. Use the Native Twitch App within the gaming device.
  2. Connect console to a PC with a capture card or capture device

Using Native Gaming Apps
– Easy to set-up
– Cost effective
– Few technical implications from set-up and audio capture

Playstation 4 Set-up –

  1. Start your game
  2. Press the ‘Share’ button on your controller
  3. Select the option “Broadcast Gameplay”
  4. Select the the service
  5. Login to your Twitch Account
  6. Title your broadcast and set your streaming options
  7. Start Broadcasting

Xboxone Set-up –

  1. Find and Download the Twitch App from the Xbox Store
  2. Open the Twitch app on your Xbox and login to your Twitch account
  3. Activate your device by logging into from your computer and entering the 6 digit code
  4. Start streaming by selecting “Broadcast” on the Xboxone twitch app
  5. Enable Kinect to allow your video and head-set to work for your viewers
  6. Give your broadcast a title and click “Start Broadcast”
  7. Note: if you have troubles with setup, watch this video or visit the Twitch troubleshooting guide

Connecting to a PC capture card or capture device
– Improved performance
– Ability to add custom overlays & alerts to your stream
– Utilize extensive broadcast software tools & features

Capture Card & Device set-up –
(Note: Two of the highest rated options are: Avermedia Game Recorder capture card and Avermedia Portable Capture Device)

  1. Each device provides relative installation instructions. The Capture card will be installed directly onto your PC motherboard and the Capture Device will be connect from your console to your TV and PC via HDMI cables. Note: The Capture device may have less performance and will have audio lag.
  2. Once installed, you will then use OBS or XSplit to stream your game following Twitch walk thoughs: OBS Walkthrough and XSplit Walkthrough
  3. Once you have configured OBS or XSplit you will then set-up your stream using scenes and add the StreamPro URL to set-up your overlays – OBS Set-up and XSplit Set-up
  4. Once that is completed you can finish customizing your overlay in the StreamPro editor and you are ready to Stream.

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